Owning a home can become a central part of your life, and with that comes with homeowner maintenance. What begins as a large purchase turns into so much more. There are few places better to own a home than Hampton Roads, Virginia. Hampton Roads, sometimes known as Tidewater or Coastal Virginia, is a collection of seven cities: Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach. Each city offers something unique and historical to any potential homebuyer. The best part about the area, however, is that they are all connected, and you can explore the best parts of each destination.

Like owning a home anywhere, there will be a fair amount of maintenance involved in keeping your home healthy: time, money, and perhaps a few unforeseen challenges. Whether it is big projects like getting an outdated kitchen or bathroom remodeled, or a small project like pulling weeds or cutting grass, there is always something new in the life cycle of property ownership. 

What maintenance is involved with owning a home?

Day to day tasks like taking out the trash and recyclables, draining the garbage disposal in your sink, and making sure your home is clean are time-consuming and require effort weekly. There are other household maintenance tasks that should be performed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These tasks include: replacing your home’s HVAC air filters, cleaning your garbage disposal, testing your safety and fire alarms, and ensuring your air and heat vents are not blocked by furniture or décor.

These are your standard, somewhat frequent homeowner maintenance projects. However, there are bigger and more time-consuming tasks related to seasonal change. During the colder months, you will have to rake leaves and clean your gutters of all debris. Failure to clean your gutters results in permanent water damage or damage to your roof. You want to be vigilant, as both will be costly and time-consuming fixes. A homeowner ensures their pool is closed, their sprinklers are shut off, and their doors and windows are properly insulated to ensure a comfortable temperature.

In spring, more projects will emerge. Homeowners should start by checking for any sort of winter weather damage. The sooner you discover any issues, the sooner they are resolved (and the less expensive the fix!). After this, you will want to clean your gutters again. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year to prevent any sort of build-up turning into permanent damage. Next, a homeowner can turn their sprinkler, pool, and outdoor water systems back on, as they can now function properly. Finally, homeowners should clean their yards of any excess leaves or debris and prepare to pick back up their yard maintenance schedule.

Maintenance for Older Homes

Hampton Roads offers a variety of unique places to live. Suffolk and Chesapeake may be perfect if you are interested in buying a large home with land. If you are looking for a historical, urban condominium, then you may look in Downtown Norfolk’s Freemason District or Portsmouth’s Olde TowneVirginia Beach’s North End and Norfolk’s East Beach offer a summer cottage feel with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. There is something for everyone in Tidewater, from quaint farmhouses to urban condos and apartments. This diversity of experience brings a variety of maintenance challenges.

For example, a home in Norfolk’s Freemason or Portsmouth’s Olde Towne may date back to the 18th or 19th century. With this history comes some tough maintenance projects. You must be vigilant with old homes in testing for hazardous threats like asbestos, carbon monoxide, mold, mildew, and lead paint. Old homes often have structural decay, plumbing issues, and heating and cooling the home. While these maintenance efforts can be well worth it to live in a magnificent old home, it is important to understand the commitment you are making as a homeowner.

Another one of the unique challenges faced by homeowners in Tidewater is the possible proximity to saltwater, which can be carried by wind as mist to your home. This can result in the increased buildup of moisture on the roof and exterior of your home. Elevated moisture can cause severe damage to both if not maintained properly. Quarterly power washing is the easiest way to deal with this challenge. It is likely you will have to repaint your home more frequently as well. Like historical homes, it is well worth it for a beautiful view, but you must have an understanding that it will require consistent maintenance.

Homeowner Maintenance in Virginia: Worth the Costs

There is much more to be said about home maintenance, especially in Hampton Roads, but we hope that we have given you a good understanding of the basics. Maintenance on your home is well worth it when you consider all the joy and memories it brings to many. Please reach out to the team at ProActive Real Estate Services if you are interested in finding the right home for you. We have decades of experience in Hampton Roads and can help you find your perfect home here. Call our sales team today at (757) 652-1225!

Craig Champagne

Field Inspector/Real Estate Agent

Craig joined the ProActive Team in 2021 as a Field Inspector and Real Estate Agent. Originally from Waterbury, CT, Craig moved to Hampton Roads in 2015. As a talented small engine and electronics specialist, he previously owned his own business before entering the real estate industry. In his role as a field inspector and agent, Craig conducts on-site inspections after move-outs and before move-ins and shows properties to prospective tenants and buyers. In every interaction, Craig is committed to diligent research, honest communication, and thorough work for clients and customers.

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Nichole "Nickiey" Crosby

Maintenance/Contractor Supervisor

Nickiey joined the ProActive Team in 2022, having previously worked in property management for eight years. As Maintenance/Contractor Supervisor, she is responsible for all property inspections, maintenance requests, and coordinating workstreams across team members and third-party contractors. Born in Texas and raised in Virginia, Nickiey is the mother of three children, two boys and a girl.

Kandy FulliloveKandy Fullilove

REALTOR® and Military Relocation Professional

Kandy has lived in Norfolk since 1991 where she received her first orders as a Navy Seaman.  A proud military spouse of 30 years with 2 boys who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and now serving, Kandy can tell you a few things about the Hampton Roads area and military life.  Her own experiences as a home buyer and investor for over 20 years gives expertise to educating a buyer or seller on their many options in selecting the right home, building their wealth portfolio, and knowing when to sell to maximize their investment.  She has been in real estate since 2015.  She joined ProActive Real Estate to have the benefits of a full-service brokerage.  She always prides herself on integrity throughout the transaction and is here to help with all your real estate needs.


Karen DanielKaren Daniel

Associate Broker/Office Manager

Licensed in Virginia, Karen is our Office Manager and holds an Associate Broker designation.  Karen oversees all transactional operations and communications over our team of real estate agents, leasing specialists and maintenance crews. Karen has been a resident of Hampton Roads for over 40 years. Karen is also a seasoned real estate professional and is well versed in all the intricacies of the buying and selling process.


Joe LeeJoseph “Joe” Lee

Real Estate Agent

Joe Lee joined the ProActive Team in 2022 as a Real Estate Agent. Prior to joining the team, he was an Associate Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Appraiser, practicing residential and commercial real estate in the Tidewater, Virginia area for 45 years. His service areas include the South Side of Hampton Roads, the Peninsula, and Suffolk. In addition to his experience as an agent, Joe is a veteran of the United States Army and received his B.S. in Finance from Old Dominion University.


Bob JohnsonRobert “Bob” Johnson

Maintenance Coordinator

Bob Johnson has been with ProActive since 2019. A seasoned client relationship executive, he troubleshoots and manages tenants’ maintenance needs. He has spent several years painting, managing small electric projects, troubleshooting HVAC, and plumbing, as well as providing a detailed eye for general property aesthetics. He enjoys getting to know the ProActive tenants and strives to build long term success for both the valued tenants and property owners.


Hal DunkelHarold "Hal" Dunkel

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Hal Dunkel joined the ProActive Team in 2022 as a Real Estate Agent. Prior to ProActive, Hal was a Senior Associate for Statewide Commercial, Hal was responsible for representing office and industrial clients of all types, from tenants, landlords, purchasers and sellers, as well as multi-family developers, sellers and investors.

Chris OslanderChris Olander

Real Estate Agent and Maintenance Manager

A proud Texas native and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Chris became a Naval Aviator in 2012. Over the next nine years, he accumulated over 1,700 hours as a helicopter pilot and instructor pilot. In 2017, following the birth of his daughter, Chris became a licensed Realtor to help his wife, Nina, with her business anytime he wasn't flying. He worked behind the scenes becoming an expert in business finance while managing his family's personal investment properties. Chris considers his experience with managing his personal investments as the spark that launched him into full time property management for his clients. He cares for each of his owner's properties as if it were his own which has led to his exponential growth. When not at work, you’ll probably find Chris out on his mountain bike, praying for snow in the mountains so he can get out his snowboard, or at the rock climbing gym with his daughter.

Fouad Mohit

Sr. Business Broker/Commercial Real Estate Agent

For the past 35 plus years, Fouad Mohit has invested his time in the ownership and sale of business and commercial real estate in the greater Hampton Roads area. Through his personal experiences in a wide breadth of industries, including gas stations, convenient stores, grocery stores, both franchise and non-franchise restaurants, Mr. Mohit has honed his expertise in Main street business operations. With the divestiture of his business obligations in 2002, Mr. Mohit joined the Sunbelt team to supplement the global Network of Brokers with his know how and insights in the local market. Over years Mr. Mohit has helped Sunbelt transfer restaurants, retail stores, fitness centers, electrical companies, educational establishments, publishers, medical practices, production companies, and much more. His fundamental understanding of the main street structure gives Mr. Mohit the tools to, confidentially and with keen attention to detail, take the business and commercial real estate to close giving the highest yield and security to his clients. It is of the utmost importance that the longevity of the business and the stability of the community remain intact by allowing a new owner in the market with the business and the real estate. His experience in commercial real estate brings much knowledge to the ProActive Team.

Kingna Scott

Transaction Coordinator

Kingna “Scottie” Scott, a native of Farmville, VA, has always loved to assist people. She began her formal education at her alma mater, Norfolk State University, while also attending Old Dominion University, as well as TCC, to receive her Bachelor of Arts in 2009. Scottie has always been driven by an autonomous, enthusiastic passion to do her best, whenever and wherever. She is down to earth and has the gift of communication; relating with people from all walks of life. On her downtime she’s either creating music, studying, or spending time with her pets outdoors.

Laura Bazemore


Owner of Chesapeake Bay Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, LLC and a graduate of Old Dominion University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Information Systems Technology, Laura has many years of experience as a staff accountant in various fields such as restaurants, retail, healthcare and contracting. Because of her vast experience, she has a broad knowledge base to meet the needs of many different clients.  In her spare time, she enjoys country music, going to concerts with her friends and loves taking care of her rescue puppies!  Working with ProActive Real Estate Services has opened her eyes in all aspects of real estate transactions.

Gary Layne

Owner/Realtor ®(Residential/Commercial)

In today's competitive market, you need a passionate, local advisor that can help you navigate the residential/commercial selling and buying process. As a valued client, you'll receive:

  • Local market knowledge
  • Access to industry-leading real estate tools to determine your property value or customize your real estate search
  • A proven negotiator who will be with you every step of the way
  • A trusted and knowledgeable partner through closing and beyond


A resident of the Hampton Roads area for many years, and graduate of Old Dominion University, I have been engaged with this real estate market as a homeowner, business owner and investor for over 35 years. Presently residing in Norfolk, VA, and part owner of ProActive Real Estate Services, I specialize in residential & commercial real estate along with property management.  I am also associated with Sunbelt Business Brokers which allows me to assist business owners in listing their business for sale or assist those looking to purchase a business.  As a business owner and real estate agent, my goal is to provide strong customer service with open communication to obtain the goals of sellers and buyers in this market.

Direct: (757) 652-1225
Office: (757) 383-9510
eMail: Gary@CallProActive.com

Billy Wilson


A serial entrepreneur, Billy has launched and sold multiple successful businesses over the course of his career, but real estate has always been his passion. A lifelong Norfolk resident and graduate of Old Dominion University, Billy brings a wealth of valuable experience to the ProActive Team. From property management and flipping, to traditional listings and sales, Billy relies on years of experience to advise his clients in making the right buying or selling decisions. Billy loves to play tennis, “Old Boys” rugby, and spend time with his wife of 26 years, Anna. Billy’s daughter, Elise, is a teacher in Washington State, and his son, Will, attends Hampden Sydney College.

Direct: (757) 724-1793
Office: (757) 383-9510
eMail: Billy@callproactive.com