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Discover how ProActive Real Estate Services handles legal issues for your property.

Comprehensive Legal Process

We partner with legal professionals to ensure an airtight process for protecting your rental property. Our team monitors delinquencies, sends five day pay or quit notices, assists with filing unlawful detainers, and ensures our legal partner, Hanger Law, is set up for success in court.

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Send Five Day Pay or Quit Notices

At ProActive Real Estate Services, we initiate the legal process by sending five-day pay or quit notices to tenants who have failed to pay rent. This formal notice demands payment within five days or vacating the property, serving as the first step in addressing non-payment issues promptly and professionally, in compliance with legal standards.

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File Unlawful Detainers With Attorney

ProActive works with experienced attorneys to file unlawful detainers when tenants do not comply with pay or quit notices. This legal action formally begins the eviction process, ensuring that all proceedings adhere to state and local laws. Our professional approach safeguards your property rights and expedites the resolution of tenancy issues.

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Schedule Evictions and Change Locks

We coordinate with the sheriff’s office to schedule evictions and change locks, ensuring a secure and legal transition. Our team handles all logistics, from setting the eviction date to overseeing the lock change process. This thorough management guarantees compliance with legal requirements and protects your property during tenant turnover.

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Send 21-Day Notice to Cure

In addition to eviction notices, we send 21-day notice to cure letters for lease violations. This notice gives tenants 21 days to correct issues such as unauthorized pets or property damage. By providing a clear timeframe for resolution, we encourage compliance and maintain property standards, while protecting your investment and tenant relations.

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