How It Works

Property Management Referrals

Partner with ProActive from the time you pass on their information to the time you get paid.

1. Send Us Your Referral

Use our Referral Form below or call us at (757) 447-3059 and give us their name and number.

2. We Handle The Rest

We will contact the referral client directly to discuss their property management needs and how we can help.

3. Receive a $300 Referral Fee

Receive a $300 referral fee for every property we onboard and add to our management inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance? Reach out to us by either using our Contact Form or by calling us at (757) 447-3059.

Will I retain my client?

Yes, If the sale of the home needs to be put off for a year or two, rest assured you will be the listing agent.

How will I be notified if my client decides to sell?

ProActive’s Property Management team will reach out to you as soon as discussions of selling a property begin. Be sure to provide your email address and phone number, and we will contact you so you can begin working with your client.

How much can I earn per referral?

Receive a $300 referral fee for every property we onboard and add to our management inventory.

Will I receive documentation for my client?

Yes, we ask that all referral agents complete a Referral Agreement outlining how our program works. We will contact property management clients directly with more information on onboarding and property management agreements.

Referral Form

Please complete the brief questionnaire below and we will reach out to you and your client to discuss property management solutions.

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