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Discover how ProActive Real Estate Services takes care of your rental property's financial accounts.

Rental Property Accounting

We use a robust accounting software called Buildium and professional standards to handle all accounting responsibilities from collecting rent and paying bills to processing security deposits and distributing monthly proceeds to owners.

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Collect Rent

We streamline the rent collection process to ensure efficiency and reliability. Utilizing advanced property management software, we provide tenants with multiple payment options for convenience. Our system ensures that rent is collected promptly and accurately, maintaining consistent cash flow and financial stability for property owners.

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Pay Monthly Vendor Bills

We take the hassle out of managing monthly vendor bills by handling all payments on your behalf. We ensure timely payment of all maintenance, utility, and service bills, preventing late fees and maintaining good relationships with vendors. Our approach to bill management ensures your property runs smoothly and efficiently.
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Send Monthly Owner Distributions

We prioritize transparent and timely financial reporting by sending monthly distributions to property owners. Our detailed financial statements and prompt disbursements provide clear insights into your property’s performance. This regular and reliable income stream allows you to stay informed and confidently manage your investment.
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Process Security Deposits

We expertly manage security deposit disbursements in compliance with legal regulations and statutory requirements. We ensure that deposits are properly collected, held in secure accounts, and returned or used appropriately at the end of the lease. Our thorough inspection and documentation process guarantees fair handling, protecting both landlords and tenants.

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